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Our deployed military needs your help and support

Did you know that most deployed troops hardly ever receive a thank you, a kind word, or even a card or letter from home, let alone a simple care package to remind them what they're fighting for

You can sign up NOW at Adopt A US Soldier and adopt your own soldier. Help to show your support for our deployed troops with cards, letters, maybe even a package or two; but most importantly your friendship and support. You'd be surprised how much good you can do for our troops by just letting them know that you care.

If you're new to Adopt A US Soldier this is the place where you can sign up to adopt your own soldier for long term support or sign up for a one-time participation in Project Frontlines (if any troops are available). Simply Choose from the available options below

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The adoption program connects deployed soldiers in need of support with people like you. Through your support, letters, cards, and communication with your soldier you'll play a huge part in helping them not only cope with what is one of the most trying and difficult times of their lives, but also let them know that their efforts are appreciated.
Adopting a soldier is very much being a supportive penpal for the duration of the soldier's tour of duty.
Project Frontlines

Frontlines is a one-time support to help a unit Program. This is not meant for to be a long-term adoption.

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Project Frontlines is designed to help troops or platoons of soldiers deployed in zones where they might not get much mail or have access to much mail, computers, etc. Usually deployed along the front lines these soldiers receive a one-time letter or care packagefrom a number of supporters just like you.