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Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will not go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed troops and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces.


Staffed fully by volunteers, AAUSS has helped thousands of soldiers find friendship, support, and a much loved and needed touch of home.

Adopt A US Soldier is active in over 170+ countries/ territories/ independent states with over 1,000,000 active volunteers supporting our troops by adopting a soldier. It is very easy to do and more rewarding than you can imagine, and you will show a soldier that you support them and cherish your freedom. We ask that you send your soldier a weekly letter or postcard for long term adoption because a letter is like a hug from home!!

                                                          Your support makes a difference!



Armed Forces Day

May 21, 2016

President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.
On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days.
The single day celebration stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under the Department of Defense. (http://afd.defense.gov/)


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Upcoming Events in West Virginia

Our Ambassador Karry Yeager will be at two events in West Virginia in the next few weeks.  Come meet her and sign cards for our deployed troops at the Spring Craft Extravaganza at the Summersville Arena and Conference Center in Summersville, West Virginia.  This event will be held Saturday, May 7th from 9-5pm.

Her second event will be the 5th Annual White Oak Rail Trail Expo.  She will be there June 4th from 9-5pm. 

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Thank You For Your Continued Support To Our Troops

It’s time to share some happy words from our troops about how great you are all doing. As you know, you may or may NOT hear from your service member, but it is always important to keep sending letters through the mail. If you can send packages, great but it is not required.  We check in with our troops every so often and we do not always hear back, but from the ones we do, THANK YOU everyone for what you do. Your words of encouragement and gratitude do make a difference. 
“So far I have met three wonderful and friendly adopters who have
provided me with everything I could’ve asked for, and more. The program is amazing, and It’s truly a blessing for soldiers who may be experiencing a difficult time on deployment. I, along with many of my colleagues are grateful for the program, and support it 100%.”
“My supporters have been great! I’m very appreciative with the letters I’ve been receiving. It’s people like them that keep me going and keep me motivated Thank you so much.”
“We have been emailing back and forth. I understand that it takes some time for packages to get here. So far I have gotten one and it was amazing. I did not ask for much but she sent way more than what was asked for. Lots of necessities that I needed a lot more than I thought.I have told many other soldiers about the program and even gotten a couple of people to sign up as well.I appreciate everything so far, thank you so much for your continuous support.”
“Ma’am, it is going great! My supporters are great and I am receive the support I need. I have nothing but positive things to say about my supporters and the program. Thanks for the support!”
“Thank you so much for all you do, we all out here love you, sorry its a little harder for us infantrymen to find time in our schedule to reply back as often as we like, but you find time to make sure we are taken care of out here. thank you again we all love you and what you do.”
“The supporters I have are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. They have really made this deployment an infinitely better experience.”
“Hello, thanks for writing. I want to thank you all for all your support and for what you do for us, this is an amazing thing you guys are doing. I have soldiers that do not get a single letter in the mail including myself, and it is so nice and uplifting to receive something from someone that cares. Thank you so much again. I have shared the website with my soldiers and they also liking it a lot. I think this is a great program and want to thank you again for all your support.”
“I know all the soldiers in my section truly appreciate the outpouring of support we have received during the past few weeks. It is great to know there are kind people out there willing to assist in anyway they can.”
“I have received so much support from my adopter! Thank you for
connecting the two of us. She has made my deployment so much more enjoyable. As a single Airman, I receive little mail from family so it is really nice to have someone care so much that I am out here and send loving messages and goodies. Thanks again!”

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Checking Zip Code Restrictions for Boxes Shipped to Our Military Oversees

Often, we will send surprise boxes to units from the monetary donations we receive to brighten our service members’ day and provide recreational equipment to them. Today, one of those boxes was returned to our post office box due to the parcel size. Our post office did not catch it before we sent it.

We wanted to post the following:

Some zip codes have tighter restrictions on size than the standard allowed to an APO. We recommend checking them before you send a package even if it is an address you have sent to before. The USPS publishes updates on their website every 2 weeks, but you can check the restrictions for your Soldier’s zip code here:


The following have size restrictions on boxes as of today, April 2:

Here is the label placed on the customs form and what the box looked like upon return. Please chose your boxes and packing wisely. One time, we were told the contents were confetti by the time the soldier received it. Thanks for all your support to our troops. Keep sending letters even if you have not heard from your service member. You never know when that one letter makes the biggest impact.

image  image

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OPSEC (Operational Security): Keeping the Military Safe

When you register with us, we ask you to read through our guidelines. When you click to continue, you agree to these guidelines and to keep your soldier’s information safe!

If you are found in violation of these rules you WILL be removed from our database. You CANNOT post any vital information about your soldier on any social media including their name w/rank, where they are, their address, or any other information. Even if the FB group is private, you are still not allowed to give out your soldier’s information to other people. If your soldier has given you permission to share certain information that is different, but please DO NOT endanger our troops by giving out any of the information (Click to read more).

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See AAUSS at the WV Woods & Water Expo 2016

Karry, our West Virginia Ambassador, will be at the WW Woods & Water Expo 2016.  The event will be located at the Summersville Arena & Conference Center in Summersville, WV. She will be there on Feb. 20, 2016 9 am - 7 pm & Feb. 21, 2016 12 pm - 5 pm.  Stop by and sign a card for a soldier!


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