Barb Hoefer


Adopting a soldier, what a great idea! I began my journey in August of last year and it was love at first adoption for me. After a few messages from my soldier, many tears of joy and excitement, I shared him with my family and we all fell in love. That led me to start the recruiting drive around me to family, friends, co-workers (past and present), and 3 more soldiers to be adopted. I shared my soldiers with our youth cheer program and that just solidified my love of this organization and the mission of AAUSS. Let no soldier go unappreciated, and make them aware that they are not forgotten while they serve their country. Two of my soldiers went with us through our football season to every game via photo buttons, video messages and pictures to them. We even brought them with us to all the cheer competitions. They wrote inspirational messages to my team of cheerleaders before competitions that I tearfully read to the team before they took the floor. They were our inspiration, our motivation, and our good luck charm! What I have learned, is that I did not adopt soldiers, no, they adopted me. My soldiers make me want to be a better person, appreciate what I have in my life that is good. I love this organization and all the volunteers affiliated with the group.


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