Ann Johnson



When Ann knew that her only son, Paul, was going to be stationed in Iraq, she asked some of her friends if they would help support Paul’s company.  The response was great and grew!  One of her friends, an air traffic controller at Denver International Airport, asked her boss if they could adopt Paul’s group.  They ended up sending almost $3,000 worth of goods.  Then a mistake was made…the soldiers, thinking that they were thanking the DIA group, addressed their letters in care of DIA.  However, all of the supporters didn’t work at DIA, so the letters, after being opened, were sent to Ann to re-address and send out to the appropriate people.  In tears reading them, Steve W., a retired LT COL U.S. Air Force Pilot and friend of Ann’s, called and alerted the media of Ann’s efforts and the Adopt A US Soldier organization was born.

By the end of her 10 years with AAUSS in 2015, we had over 1 million supporters from over 150+ countries and territories from around the world. Here our story told through Ann in the following video:

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