Ashleigh Benson

Texas Ambassador, Facebook Administrator

Ashleigh grew up in Texas and moved to Alaska when her dad got a new job. She pours everything she has into supporting her soldiers and our troops. Ashleigh grew up with a military family, dad, grandparents, cousins, and friends. She does a lot volunteer work with veterans, coaching, and working with Relay for Life. Right now, Ashleigh lives in the middle of Alaska, works in a small shop in town and an EMT. Eventually, Ashely would like to become a physical therapist!

Ian Rawls

Texas Ambassador

Ian was born in the state of Alabama and comes from a military family. His dad is a Vietnam Vet and his mother has now been a civilian for the Airforce for over 40 years. Ian has lived overseas most of his life.  He joined AAUSS to do more for our men and women serving overseas.

Amanda Picklo

Texas Ambassador


Amanda Picklo is the South Texas Ambassador, located in the Houston area. After witnessing a close friend go through a third wartime deployment with her husband, she decided to look into avenues to give back to our military and their families. An internet search led to discovering AAUSS, where her family promptly adopted their first soldier. Amanda and her family were immediately sold on AAUSS and its mission. Once Amanda learned of the opportunity to become an ambassador for AAUSS, she knew it was a role she wanted to take on. Adopting soldiers and promoting AAUSS as an ambassador has had unexpected benefits for her family. “My kids write regularly to our soldiers and think of them as family. Participating in AAUSS has given my kids an appreciation for our military I don’t think they could have fully realized, at their ages, without it.”

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