Soldiers Letters to Home and Volunteers Letters Back

Adopt A US Soldier receives hundreds of letters of praise and thanks from both our deployed troops and our supportive volunteer citizens.  These testimonials help to show how much good a kind word, a supporting letter, or a special project to honor our troops can actually do.

Here you’ll find actual letters written to Adopt A US Soldier and its volunteers describing exactly how much difference just a supportive letter, or a care package from home can make in the life of a soldier.  You will also read touching stories by the volunteers of Adopt A US Soldier detailing how positive the experience of adopting their own soldier has been.

We want to thank our Ambassadors!

Our ambassadors do a great job of spreading the word about Adopt a US Soldier to their communities and military troops. We want to thank the following ambassadors for their events in July:

Michelle Richards, Ohio Ambassador
Dani Davis, Washington Ambassador
Linda Stoffregen, Maryland Ambassador

Keep looking for events posted here and on our Facebook as Ambassadors schedule more events! Thank you Michelle, Dani and Linda!


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Thank You To HD Supply

Thank you to HD Supply for the donations of shirts and water bottles to our troops! Our troops will really enjoy them.


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Thank you Jess Fellows and the Townsend Mom’s Network

We want to send a shout out to Jess Fellows, her family and the Townsend Mom’s Network. Jess organized a small group of families to put packages together for one of our Project Frontlines Units. Click here to view the great article written in their local paper.

Thanks again to everyone involved for the 11 packages sent to one of our units!

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A Word from our Troops!

“Good Morning! My sponsors are great. I am very busy with my missions. However when I get the time to be back in the office they’re always there to check in on me. That really puts a smile on your face. It’s like when you’ve had a hard day at work in the states and you can go home and tell your family how your day was. They’re my family.”


“It’s hard being away from home and my kids but it’s great to know that people do care about us out here. I’ve talked to a lot of my shipmates and got them to sign up as well. I know we’re not boots on the
ground but months at sea is a beast all on its own and this has helped out a lot. Thank You!!”
“Ma’am, I really appreciate your time and efforts with the Adopt a Soldier program.  It has been great.  I don’t know why I even signed up other than one of my co-workers told me about it.  I had several people reach out to me, but I just can’t keep up with them.  There are actually too many and I feel really bad about not getting back to them yet.  I am very busy and just don’t have enough hours in the day to maintain communication with all that reached out to me.  I am thankful for the all of their responses and hope that your organization can impress upon them that we are busy over here, but greatly appreciate their kindness and support.”

Thank you.

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A reminder of just how precious a letter is

As much as I love technology and emails it is still nice to receive letters via snail mail.  The progam really does make a difference to many ...

“As much as I love technology and emails it is still nice to receive letters via snail mail. My friend also sign up and he has been talking with a few people. He really didn’t have anyone that would send him stuff before but now he is getting more then I think he knows what to do with. I have seen first hand how amazing the adoption program is. I have been talking with my wife and I think that once I am back we are going to sign up and get a few soldiers ourself. The progam really does make a difference to many of these guys. I just feel like I have to give back now that I have received.”



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