General Adoption Questions


Will I hear from my soldier or the unit?

There is NO guarantee that you will hear from your soldier or that your package was received. You can increase your chances of getting a reply by including your contact information in the package along with an envelope address to you. You do not need to add postage as they can send letters without stamps.  This can increase your chances of receiving a message back, but still it is NOT guaranteed.

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I Received My Soldier or Unit. How do I address the envelope or Package?

The address you received is a military address so it looks different than what you are used to seeing. We format the information for you, so all you have to do is copy it exactly. Some addresses might just have 3 lines and some have 4. Not all addresses will have a Camp or FOB on it.

Example(Not an actual address)
Michael Smith
HHC, 1st CO
Camp Frog
APO AE 09345

If you are mailing from another country, please put USA at the bottom as you are mailing the package to the USA to be shipped over.

If it is for Project Frontlines, it will say “care of” before the name.

Great news! If you registered with our program after September 1, 2017, you can log in to your profile here and click “print mailing label”. Then, you are good to go.


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