Group Adoptions and Questions About Project Frontlines

How is Project Frontlines Different Than Adopting?

Project Frontines is for one time or short term support. You will signup and send any items to that unit with the first month and no later than 2 months.

Please put your name and contact information in the package when you send it.

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Can I Email the Unit Given to Me Through Project Frontlines?

No. We do not give out the unit contact’s email as this will be very overwhelming to that contact. They have their deployment job to do as their first priority. You are asked to send your contact information in the package or letter you send. If the service member contacts you and provides that information, you are welcome to continue cooresponding.

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Can I Register to Support both programs:  Long Term Adoption and Project Frontlines?

Yes, you can register for both programs provided you are over the age of 18 years. However, at this time, you have to click on both programs to register.

Long Term Adoptions: You agree to adopt a service member for their entire deployment no matter if you hear from them or not.

Project Frontlines: This is for one time support or short term(one month) support and the contact information is for a unit. Please register close to when you plan to ship a package or send letters as all items should be sent in the first month of receiving the contact information.

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What Kinds of Things Does the Units Need?

If the unit contact has asked for specific items, that information will be given to you. Please understand, most will not ask for items but do want the support. Please know that you are not expected to send expensive items.

Full size hygiene items
Healthy snacks
holiday items to add a little touch from home
Drink Mixes

Some things requested during the cold months: warm blankets

Here is an older list: click here

Basically, be creative!

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How Do I Know How Many Men or Women Are in the Unit?

Unless the service member provided that information to us, we do not know. Plus, this would be a violation of OPSEC and puts our deployed troops at risk. You can email us but most of the time we do not have that information.

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