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Family Time for the entire family

i have been able to bring my family even closer together. We have always been close, but as kids grow they “out” grow their mom. Now we have something that no matter what we are doing will bring us together. Thank YOU!!!!!

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A soldier’s mother thanks AAUSS volunteer Tammy

I just wanted to thank you for being so kind to my son. You have really gone out of your way for our men over seas and I just want to be sure that you really know how much it is appreciated. It really does make a difference to them.
Thanks again!

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When a soldier arrives safely back home

Patrick is an outstanding example of the dedicated young men and women who are serving in our war on terrorism and defending our American way of life.  He has arrived safe and sound at his home port in California. We have had a delightful exchange of letters, emails, packages, and even a telephone call during our adoption peri

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Patty shows her appreciation through supporting outr troops

It’s amazing how many people here truly care and want to help our soldiers. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t feel grateful and extremely humbled by what these men and women do for someone like me

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Will tells of how he helped touch a soldier’s life for the better

He has no family and only an elderly aunt on
restricted income, so the care packages were really a hit with him.

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