Happy Holidays from us at Adopt a US Soldier

The holiday season has finally arrived. Packages are shipped and eyes are opening wide along with stockings hung by the bed frames! So many will be happy for those clean socks and warm blankets. And, I’m sure a few have snuck some sweets from their buddies rack too.

Thank you all who have made this season special for those overseas. AND THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the men and women who are making this sacrifice this holiday season!

Here are some words from overseas and pictures we received this week. Once again, thank you for making AAUSS what it is today. Enjoy time with family and friends!

Happy Holidays!
AAUSS President

“Sorry that I haven’t answered before, I see my email once a week and sometimes none because of the time. We work 12 hours shift no day off, so after work, I just want to go to sleep or sometimes I don’t internet.
About my supporters, they have been good supporter. They have sent me a lot of stuff. I’m grateful πŸ™with them, also we keep in touch by email. They are so nice people.
Things in here are well so far, the time is going fast because we are busy every day and learning new things and getting experience not bad.
I have been shared “adopt a soldier” with some friends who are currently in Iraq and some here in Afganistan. It is a good idea have this organization for soldiers I have no complaints. I’m just grateful.
Have a nice day and thanks for your support and your good thoughts. Merry Christmas πŸŽπŸŽ„.”

“Things are going well, thank you. Just getting ready to celebrate Christmas! I do wish I could be with my family, but fortunately, I’m with my Marine brothers and sisters, and I’ve been able to see that love and support that people back home are willing to provide us with. I really appreciate the service that your program provides.”

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French Gerleman Support Project Frontlines

French Gerleman ended up adopting two units through the Project Frontlines branch of Adopt a US Soldier. They sent 17 boxes.  A box for each unit is loaded with stuffed stockings for the soldiers and Christmas cards from children and grandchildren of French Gerleman.  All of the other boxes include letters and cards from the FG family, as well as goodies, such as sweet & salty treats, games, paper, envelopes, stamps, playing cards, etc.

image imageimage

If you are interested in supporting Project Frontlines please visit our website

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we spend our day thankful for the many friends and family, take some time to thank the ones who are not home this year with theirs.

Thank you to our military and their families for all the sacrifices they make each and every day.


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Alice, Texas Whataburger Supports Project Frontlines

Whataburger in Alice, Texas has made a group of soldiers in our Project Frontlines program very happy.  Each soldier in the group will be receiving their own box.  In addition 15 more boxes were sent with items for the group as a whole. 

image image
image image

We are thankful for all of our Project Frontlines supporters.  You all make such a huge difference to these soldiers.  We cannot thank you enough for your support.    If you would like to know more about Project Frontlines please visit the Project Frontlines website Here

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Package Restrictions For the Following Zip Codes

Just a reminder to periodically check the USPS zip code restrictions for your soldier’s zip code - if you don’t follow the guidelines, packages will get returned. An important one to remember is that some zip codes have a maximum size of 27in x 14 in x 14in. If you have a soldier with one of the following zip codes, that restriction is in effect:

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