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Congratulations on your decision to sign up for Project Frontlines.  By taking just a few seconds to fill out the form below, you will be doing one of the most important things in the eyes of our soldiers; showing them your support.  While you can send as much as you’d like, we do ask that you send at least one card or letter of support to your assigned platoon.  Please read all below as you scroll down to register for this program.

When you fill out the form below, you will see this page again with the mailing address of your platoon/unit and the contact person for the unit.  A copy of this information will also be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the signup form.

Please remember, Project Frontlines is NOT meant to be a long term commitment, but intended to be a one-time or short-term donation(s) to a unit/platoon over on deployment. If you wish to participate in a longer commitment to our troops. Please use click on the link “adopt a soldier” and we will be happy to send you a soldier.

OPSEC/PERSEC: Keep our military safe!

PERSEC is also known as personal security. Like OPSEC, this involves guarding the information that you know. Do not give out your soldier’s name along with rank. This includes blacking out his or her name tape and rank in pictures. If he or she is in a special operations unit, you should also black out any unit affiliation.

OPSEC, also known as Operational Security, is the principle that we, family members, should all abide by when talking about our soldiers. If you’ve been on any military related message board on the internet, you have more than likely seen a warning to be sure to practice OPSEC. This means protecting the information you know about your soldier and his or her unit.

Generally, it means that you should not give out the following:
(1) Your soldier’s exact location overseas
(2) Any information on troop movements – this includes any movement while they are deployed and in transit to/from theater (including R&R). Do not ever give dates or times.
(3) Any information on weapons systems, how they train or numbers – for this reason, many pictures from overseas can easily violate OPSEC.

Once again:

Please note that when sending to Project Frontlines units to send anything within 1-2 month of receiving the representing soldiers information. Also, if sending boxes please check “Redirect to address below” in box 9 of the customs form and write in “Co. Chaplain” so if for any reason the representing soldier cannot receive mail it will still reach the group and not come back to you. Any Project Frontlines questions can be directed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

Adopt A US Soldier Has Updated the Adoption and Frontlines systems to better support our troops. Please click on the link below to sign up for Project Frontlines or the Adoption Program Sign Up Now to support our troops

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