Welcome Fellow Crafters!

Welcome to AAUSS!
We have learned that many of you registering to adopt a service member are from a closed Facebook craft group. We are excited to have you. As you know, there are many of you in this group and MANY of you have registered with us quickly. The email you will receive will say that it will take about a week to receive a service member’s name to support. Please know that this may take longer depending on the number of service members who register each day.

We adopt out service members as quickly as they register and have reached out to our connections to share AAUSS with our deployed troops.

Please have patience with our volunteer staff during this time as we work in the order we receive supporter registrations. You can check out our FAQ tab to learn more about AAUSS and how to support your service member.

AAUSS President

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You can adopt a soldier for the duration of their deployment giving soldiers the support they need
Your support makes a difference.

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