Do You Have Holiday Cards for Our Troops?

This is the first year that Adopt a US Soldier will be collecting your holiday cards for our troops.  This is only if you do not want to send the holiday cards overseas yourself.

If you wish to send packages or other stuff, you MUST register for our program and send it to the person or contact person assigned to you.

Here are the rules:

1) Write a card or several cards like you do to your family and friends during the holidays. Include kind words for the holidays and supportive messages.

2) Do not seal the cards.  Do not put a stamp on each one. Do not address them. Just put them all in one package or envelope.

3) Send all cards with appropriate postage to the address below. Any boxes without the proper postage will be returned so it is important to make sure the USPS weighs your package and affixes this postage.

Adopt a US Soldier
PO Box 630887
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163

4) All packages of cards should be received by November 30. Any packages received after November 30th will not be sent overseas and possibly returned.

We would suggest that you send all packages of cards by November 20th to make sure they reach us by November 30th.

If you wish to send cards after this time, you will need to register for our program and click on Project Frontlines.

Thank you for brightening the day of our troops during the holidays. 


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Adopt A US Soldier

PO Box 630887
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163

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