Only a Few More Days to Get Your Cards to Us

Back in October, we presented, for the first time, to send cards to us to get them overseas. Our mailbox is full every day and often we are given two more large PO boxes to fit all your cards.

One day, I went to the post office and a hand reached through the box with another key! Totally caught me off guard. Talk about your heart racing!
Today’s visit, I had to have another post office customer help me carry all your cards to my car!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for brightening the holidays for our troops overseas.

Here is the information to get your holiday cards to us by NOVEMBER 30!

1) Fill out a card or several cards to any service member/hero.

2) You DO NOT have to address the envelopes and we prefer you don’t.

3) DO NOT put a stamp on every envelope or send stamps.

4) Mail one card or a box of holiday cards to us at

Adopt a US Soldier
PO Box 630887
Highlands Ranch CO 80163

5) Get them in the mail as soon as possible so they meet our deadline of November 30. We cannot guarantee after that date that your cards will be received or sent overseas.

6) If you want to send cards overseas after this deadline, you will have to register to receive a name.

Thank you again for all your well wishes to our troops overseas! A handwritten note goes a long way for our troops each day.


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Adopt A US Soldier

PO Box 630887
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163

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