Note from a silent soldier

We received this note from a silent Soldier who was recently deployed and has returned home:

“My name is (——) and I am currently registered in the adopt a us Soldier program. I have safely returned home and would like to be removed from the program (so that my supporters may comfort someone else who is far from home). It has been my regrets that I haven’t been able to talk to my supporters. It has been a very taxing deployment and I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone. If at all possible, please inform the people who have been assigned to me that I’m terribly sorry and that I hope the next person they get is much better than I was (It would mean a lot to me). Thank you.”

THANK YOU to all of our supporters who continue to send smiles and appreciation to our soldiers, especially when they are silent. We often say that those are the ones who need it the most. The long hours, high operational tempo, and the difficult aspects of serving in a war zone all wear on our soldiers emotionally, at a time when they are so far from friends and family. The cards, letters and occasional care packages you send let them know you appreciate all they are going through and that there are people back home who support them and care.

It is tough to support a silent Soldier, and you may wonder if they are getting your letters, or even if they matter – THEY DO!

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