Few Words From Our Troops

****A Few Words From Our Troops***

We have gotten some great feedback this month - thank you to all of our supporters for the awesome job you are doing supporting these guys and ladies!!!!
“I just received another package from my supporters today! We had a few missed emails due to my strict GOV work-related account, but I have corrected that by adding the supporters as contacts. Aside from that, it is great being able to communicate with people from all over the World. Them giving us a glimpse of their lives and the freedoms we are protecting is really an eye-opener to several of my co-workers! It is a tremendous honor to serve our great Nation! For everything you ALL do in support of us, THANK YOU!”
“I have received nothing but outstanding support from all of your volunteers that has been assigned to me. They have either emailed me or have sent me actual personal letters, which are great. I responded to all of their emails, and letters, except for one, in which I will be sending a response next week. I have been busy the
last couple of weeks due to our missions, but your supporters are great, in which I definitely extend my gratitude.”
“Everything has been great so far. Sometimes I don’t have the internet access that I’d like, so it makes getting back in touch with you all difficult. I do appreciate what you all have done for me and it’s nice to know that we are appreciated. We don’t always get the appreciation that we need, even from our loved ones at home.”
“Our experience has been wonderful! Such helpful and caring volunteers.”
“You matched me up with some incredible people….The packages everyone sends light up my face and the guys in my unit love when I get packages from them because they know some goodies are in them. I’ve told everyone, actually our supervisor turned us all on to the idea, and some of the guys are part of this great AAUSS journey as well.
Thank you all so much for setting aside time to make sure we’re reminded of the joys of home. With technology how it is it’s still fairly easy to communicate to loved ones, but having complete strangers love and support you is just the icing on the cake. You, and your team, are forever in our debt. We love you all.”
“I’m doing great and am getting everything I need thanks to you and your volunteers, you guys are the best and have made this deployment so much better, and easier to deal with.”
“I must say that the support has been incredible. It is such a surreal feeling receiving a package from someone back home and reading their letters and pictures they send, all the love and support. It really makes the guys here just feel different. We are trying to get a photo together so we can send it but it has been rather difficult since our mission times vary but I promise we’ll get you one! The supporters have been nothing but awesome. They have written and have shared their pictures. They truly are wonderful persons. I must thank you for everything you have done for us. I know my guys are really appreciative of everything they have done. You can see it on their faces when they get a letter or a package.”

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