Feedback from our Frontlines units

One of the best things about our Project Frontlines program is that when you are sending a package to a Frontlines contact, many times the support reaches a Soldier who is not registered with us, and may not be aware of how wonderful and supportive you all are!

Project Frontlines is a one-time support opportunity, and does not involve any long term commitment. We do have a lot of units waiting. If you want to provide one-time support, you can sign up here:

Here are some recent comments from some of our Project Frontlines contacts/groups, so you can see the impact you are having:

“First I would like to say to all back home thank you! We appreciate the donations and support from all who has taken their genuine time in supporting us overseas. My group of soldiers and myself are thankful for all that has been sent our way as yall are a blessing to us and I speak for all who are deployed! Everything we receive we share with all of us here and make sure these items do not go to waste. Again we are thankful for all your support and may God Bless you all and America!!!!!”

“I have definitely received much support from all the members of AAUSS assigned to me and my group here at (removed for OPSEC). Thanks so much for putting on this great program. So far I have received 12 packages from the various people assigned to me. With all the items received we have been able to replenish our stock for patient use. We care for patients here on this base as well as wounded soldiers passing through on their way home. I know they appreciate the support as well. We make sure to tell them that they are donations given to us from people back home in the U.S. Great program, I have no complaints.”

“Thank you for reaching out. I am very pleased to let you know the supporters are very generous in sending the care packages, their thoughts, and prayers. Some of them with personal letters and emails and cards. It is so much more than what I expect for.

You guys are amazing and you make it all the difference here in Afghanistan.

I also share my care packages by putting them just outside of my office. So as Chaplain, it gives me a great opportunity to minister Soldiers and civilians alike who stop by. I really thank you for giving me that opportunity.”

“Your organization is great and I have recieved several letters and care packages. Unfotunately i do not have envelopes to send replies and give your people my sincerest thank you. Our internet connectivity is very bad out here also so it is terrible that I am not available often. I really appreciate the letters and care packages and share them with my soldiers. They really appreciate them also. Please get this message to your folks as I do not want them to think that i don’t appreciate their efforts and donations. Please continue to do what you guys do for our soldiers who are deployed in harms way and show them they are not forgotten. Thank you again.”

“I must extend our sincere thank you for everything that you have done for us. You truly lifted our spirits and you were a constant reminder that there are people that care for us and believe in what we continue to do over here.”

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